You will be totally shocked if you know how does WhatsApp make Money​ !

You will be totally shocked if you know how does WhatsApp make Money​ ! They are not earning directly from their WhatsApp service or showing any advertisements​. But the story is different.

Please have a look on WhatsApp:

  • More than one billion people are now using Whatsapp everyday in the world.
  • Currently 55 billion messages are being sent per day.
  • 4.5 billion photos are being sent per day.
  • Currently it supports 60 languages​ all over the world.
  • It is not like a traditional sms app, it has much more good features.
  • It is increasing and expanding at every moment.
  • Still now it is totally free of cost.

Now the story is:

You don’t know​ after buying WhatsApp, Facebook has increased their net growth revenue in a multifolded. Facebook knows all about you even you don’t know about those information of you, sometimes you forget those small incidents. They have made a large database from WhatsApp. They are able to serve interest based advertisement now.

Let me discuss about it:

  • Facebook knows about your personal informations​
  • Facebook knows​ about your professional informations.
  • They know about your relationship and families.
  • They know what you like or dislike
  • They know what kind of activities you are doing each and every day sometimes you forget about those activities but Facebook keeps in mind.
  • Even they know about your mental and emotional situation. Sometimes you ignore those things but Facebook does not, they record all these Small things in their database system.
  • They know what you want and what you don’t​ want in your daily life.
  • They know where you go, when you go and why you go they always follow you (internet location services, group activities and status updating).
  • Their ad performance is the best in the world , totally 100% target and interest based ad they are selling.
  • Before few days I visited to buy a wrist watch but did not buy it at that time, I searched for which watch, at the evening when I open my Facebook it​ is showing exactly that wrist watch as an advertisement​. I was really happy to see that wrist watch and I clicked to buy it. Just think twice this incident. It is possible for Facebook team because they​ follow me all time.
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So, Facebook team is using their WhatsApp database system to grow and take their business at the peak level.

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