Why your baby cries. What are the reasons for babies cry.

It is surprising how soon even a young and inexperienced mother will learn to distinguish between the pain cry and the plain cry of her baby; for most crying can easily be traced to some physical discomfort which can be relieved, or to some phase of spoiling and indulgence which can be stopped.


He is hungry.
He is too cold.
He is thirsty.
He is in pain.
He has been given a dirty bottle.
He is very sick.
His mother has failed properly to cleanse the nipples.
His throat is sore.
His food is not prepared right.
His ear aches.
His food is too cold.
He has been rocked, carried, or bounced.
His bowels are constipated.
He has been given a pacifier.
His band is too tight.
He has had too much excitement.
His clothes are wrinkled.
His mother has eaten the wrong food.
His diaper is wet.
He is too hot.
He wants fresh air.
He has Stomach problems from colic and gas.

A happy baby tends to sleep well . but when she is not well or happy she feel fussy and starts crying. babies cry when they are over tired also . She needs your attention at this time . Just take her close and make her feel you . She loves to be carried and feel the mothers warmth. They like cuddling . Babies have a lot of reasons, but they cannot tell you. They cry to communicate .

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