Why you should sell you old Car and How to get the best deal.

Everyone remembers their first car. They might not be the fondest of memories but they’re memorable nonetheless. Whether you got a brand-new car from your parents on your 18th birthday or you bought one second-hand with the money you saved up working late shifts, everyone’s first car is just a little bit special. And not just because you no longer had to take the bus.

You’ll always remember the way the engine sounded, the way you had to press the eject button 14 times before the CD appeared, and that massive stain on the backseat from when your mate spilled his coffee. All those memories will probably make your first car more sentimentally valuable than any other car you’ll ever own. It can be understandably difficult when you finally decide to move on from your “first love”.

Unfortunately, the day will eventually come when you’ll have to sell your old car. So, unless you’ve got a personal museum to keep it in perpetually, that means figuring out how to get the best possible price for it. But don’t feel too bad, you’re doing the right thing. Don’t let it just sit in the garage getting dusty, rusty, and crusty.

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Old Car ASAP

The upkeep and maintenance of old cars can become expensive, as each part begins to malfunction. Replacement parts and repair costs will start to take a toll on your budget and you’ll end up continually sinking funds into a hopeless pursuit.
Old cars are gas guzzlers. After all the repairs and replacements, you still need to take into consideration that your old car just doesn’t have the fuel economy that modern cars do.
The stress just isn’t worth it. You’re taking time off work to bring your old car to the auto shop – time and time again. It’s becoming increasingly stressful as the number of repairs pile up. Do yourself a favour and know when it’s time to say goodbye.
Think of your own personal safety. It’s the middle of the night, and you’re driving through an unpopulated area. It’s dark, there’s no one else around, and then your car chooses that exact moment to break down. Old cars break down all the time, so there’s a good chance it’ll happen. Worst case scenario is that you’re driving on a freeway, with cars travelling at speeds in excess of 70mph. Imagine how dangerous it could be if your brakes suddenly failed.
Think about Mother Nature! Old cars emit significantly more greenhouse gases which can damage the ozone layer and contribute to pollution. Do the world a favour. Get rid of it.
Selling a used car, be it a slightly used vehicle or an old piece of junk, usually comes with difficulties. Just have a look at the horrendous experiences of people who have either sold or bought used cars.

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It helps to know what to expect and understand your own commitment levels before you jump into the actual sales process.

Here’s what you should consider before getting rid of your car:
How much effort are you willing to put into the sale of the car?
Are you trying to get the best possible price from the sale?
How urgent is the sale? Do you have space to store the car until the sale?
Are you willing to donate your car to charity?
Now that you’ve decided to get rid of your car, look at all the options available to you. You want to at least get back some of the money you spent on replacements and repairs throughout the yearsBusiness Management Articles, right?

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