Wheels Being the efficient method of Transportation. Why No Species on Earth Evolve with, wheels for locomotion ?

We know there are animals that curl up in to a ball and role, but not an animal that has wheels to commute ?

Why wheel could not have been a possible limb in the vast variety of limbs in nature ?

We have more complicated mechanisms in place and thats exactly begs the question. Isn’t it ? We have evolved something like an eye, which is very complicated on the way it functions.But eyes,have evolved over time,and each stage of evolution it was functional enough for species to use them. while in the case of something like a wheel, there are no stages for it to be functional.

Maybe, Wheels are very sophisticated and need an advanced engineering capability to get it right. A wheel cannot be built in stages, which is the nature of evolution, each part evolves in stages, and each stage has its own functioning use. no animal would not have gained any use out of non-rotating rudimentary wheel, such an organ would have never developed. Adding to it the complexity of axle that pretty much leaves a rotating organ that is connected but not connected to rest of the body vessels, is even difficult to imagine. To make wheel would require a bigger structure, and its hard to see how nutrients could cross the axle/wheel separation.

Wheels are efficient only in very specific environments. A car can move faster than a cheetah, provided it is driven on a highway.

Nature evolves its machines to adapt to the environment, rather than modify the environment to suit the machine. Given the overall uncertainty of terrain conditions that an animal would live in its lifetime, legs are still much more efficient in an aggregate sense, than wheels.

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But what if small creatures which crawl evolve with wheels . Imagine an ant or a snake having very small numerous wheels . will it wont be faster and efficient . Yes . But the Problem here is Stop and Start. While climbing a tree or hill , its extremely difficult to hold the breaks . It needs lot of energy, strong joints and muscles.

Said and done all , again i wonder why a man invented most successful locomotive was not evolved in nature.

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