What is Parenting with Love and Logic? Tips and Tricks on Good Parenting

All parents want their children to be well prepared to face the  life and its challenges. Kids tend to make mistakes and they should be in a position to identify and correct those mistakes and try not to repeat them.Love and Logic Parenting teaches parents to deal with their kids in a loving way and thus kids learn to accept their mistakes in a positive way.You can train your children to listen to you the first time they hear something.Or,you can train them to ignore you.Raising a child who listens to adults is a source of joy. Raising one who doesn’t is a constant source of irritation and agony.

Training kids to listen is not rocket science.Children needs encouragement like a plant needs water.A misbehaved child  is an indication of discouragement.When kids get encouraged and motivated misbehaving will disappear from them.When children creates problems adults have to give them back in a loving way. The love from their parents allows the children to learn from their mistakes.Logic allows to learn from the results of their choices. Try to support their feelings and make them feel that parents are understanding them.Please remember these key points  while communicating with your child.

  • Act without frustration or anger.
  • Avoid threats and repeated warnings.
  • Set a limit once.
  • Give kids a healthy sense of control.
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