The Rugrats Are Back !! Nickelodeon Teams Up with BOOM!’s for the Return of this Epic Comic

Nickelodeon is BRING BACK its 90’s Super hit Rugrats. New Comic is scheduled to launch in October. Nickelodeon has teamed up with BOOM!’s to bring back this epic comic.  BOOM!’s President of Publishing & Marketing, Filip Sablik said “As longtime fans of Nickelodeon’s innovative, outstanding programming, we couldn’t be happier to kick off our partnership with the return of Rugrats. The entire team at Nickelodeon has been a fantastic partner, working with us to deliver the best all-new stories of your favorite animated shows in comic book form through our all-ages KaBOOM! imprint”


The Rugrats is an American Animated comedy series. It was created for Nickelodeon, an American cable and satellite television network which mainly airs children and teenagers content. Some of the main characters in this movie are Gabor Csupo, Paul Germain, and Arlene Klasky. The first series was aired on August 11, 1991, and the last one was aired on May 22, 1994. The following Years, 1995 and 1996 saw the airing of two other episodes, The Rugrats Chanukah and The Rugrats Passover. Later, several other episodes were aired in the following years, with the last one being aired on 1st August 2004.


The Rugrats has a list of characters ranging from children, adults, pets and other unvoiced characters. Some of the kids’ characters are Thomas “Tommy” Malcolm who is the bravest baby. He at many instances encourages his group to go for escapades. He is considered the leader of the group. His younger Brother, Dylan or Dil, voiced by Tara Strong is also another character. Other children characters are Charles “Chuckie,” Whose role is played by Cavanaugh Christine. Philip “Phil” Richard, Kim Watanabe and Sussie Yvonne are the other children characters.

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The adult characters are Stuart Stu Who is Dylan’s father and Diane Didi who is Dylan’s mother. Other than the named characters, there is also pet characters like Spike, Fifi, Fluffy, and puppy. These characters played a significant role in the movie, making it one of the favorite shows in the world in the 90s and early 2000s.


The Comeback of the Rugrats

The Rugrats movie was coming to an end in June 2004 thirteen years after its release. It was many people’s favorite, both children, and adults. Millions of them on the last airing date were tuned to say goodbye. Since then many people have been requesting for a reunion, and this could come true. Nickelodeon has indeed confirmed that it’s going to bring back its classics and the Rugrats is one of them. Therefore, the adoption of the term the Rugrats are back.


Apart from being one of the most liked series in the 1960s, The Rugrats is one of the Movies that was aired for quite a long time, thirteen years. Up to now, many people are yearning for its comeback. It Is a clear indication that it was very entertaining and above all educative. The concerned bodies should ensure that the Rugrats are back.

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