Stay Healthier Helping Others

Helping others in Small Works Makes you happy and releases stress and anxiety . Thus improves your overall health.

Its an opportunity to make new and more friends and you will be socially active .It Doesn’t Matter how many people are around you , still you may feel lonely . You need to connect to the people to Fight Loneliness and Depression. Helping Others is best way to connect with people . In fact not only humans , you can get connected with animals do.

Helping others Induce faith in yourself. you feel more lively , confident and satisfied.

If you are a self focused person , Helping others is an excellent option to come out of it. you will have a broader way of looking things. you wont get upset with small set backs and wont feel rejected.

People who help will have higher self-esteem, psychologically strong, and Feel More Fulfilled.

A study released by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School on August 20, 2013 found that Helping directly to someone you know in a way that builds social connection creates much more happiness than donating anonymously to an organization or charity.

There are also numerous studies which proved helping others makes your brain more healthy and active. fMRI scans taken by scientist while helping others showed brain areas that benefited which includes left and right ventral striatum,septal area, dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, right anterior insula, and right amygdala

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