Simple Ways To Save More Money

Saving money requires way more conscious efforts now, than ever before. Around 10 years ago, you go to a local store to ‘window shop,’ feel better and return home to reality. Times have now changed. You might have spent a few minutes of your break time at work checking that one pair of sports shoes just to kill time and for the next few days, you will find yourself being spammed by images of the shoes every time you try to browse something over your phone, your laptop, your office computer, your tablet; its everywhere. Eventually, you give in and purchase it. If you can relate, you have to read and apply these simple money saving ideas.

Be a guest online shopper While looking at products to buy, surf on the shopping sites without logging in or use the “incognito mode.” This way, the website will not track your cache to fill your window with related product advertisements.

Turn off app notifications The best way to avoid seeing offer based ads is to change the app settings on your phone for all your shopping and food-related apps to prevent yourself from making unnecessary purchases.

Use two email accounts Create an email account that you can exclusively give only to brand retailers. This way your advertisements are out of sight, and you will not get distracted by them.

Transfer money to a savings account at the start of the month Transfer a set percentage of your salary to a savings account and do not carry its ATM card with you. When you cannot access your card, you will plan your spending better, sticking to the essentials. This account can also act as your emergency fund account.

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Make realistic purchases Only purchase things you need and will you in use in the future. Purchasing an expensive phone with complicated specifications when you will use it only to make phone calls and check emails is impractical.


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