Scientifically proven facts about Love and Relationships

Some of the Interesting Facts About LOVE and Relationships.

  1. Woman takes 15 days to fall in love , but man take only 8 seconds .
  2. You can love more than one person at the same time, but impossible to love at the same level.
  3. On an average crush lasts for 4 month , if its longer it turns into LOVE.
  4. More you hide your feeling for someone, more you fall in love with them.
  5. If someone is faking emotions , its limited to mouth movements , not the whole face.
  6. More men are intelligent and humorous then looking good.
  7. Smiling is 70% more attractive  than a good make up.
  8. Kissing releases oxytocin , which strengthens binding between the partners.
  9. 70% of our arguments are only in our mind, we never do it in real.
  10. 1/3rd of Men Fall in LOVE in there 1st Date.
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