No Girls – Mens only Island in Japan gains Unesco World Heritage Status

Okinoshima island in south-west Japan , where men visitors bath naked before landing on island  was declared Unesco World Heritage Site by Unesco at the UN body’s annual summit in Krakow, Poland, on Sunday. Its an ancient religious site where woman are not allowed. Though Reason for Banning Woman was not clear , its believed that Woman’s Menstrual Blood was Impure. Men Visit Okistu Shrine on the island to pray for the safety of sailors. Every Year Only 200 Men are allowed to visit the Shrine which was build in 17th century .

Local residents had expressed their worry that the island’s inclusion on the UNESCO list would cause an increase of tourism that would threaten its sacredness. Takayuki Ashizu, the chief priest at Munakata Taisha, said that regardless whether or not Okinoshima is added to the UNESCO cultural heritage list they would not open it to the public because “people shouldn’t visit out of curiosity.

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