Kids not Listening-Try these useful tips

Getting your kids to pay you attention could be a very tricky deal as you need them to listen all of the time, that’s a problem. The outcome? We parents find ourselves stating the same things over and over to our children. You can in fact start communicating messages to your children even before you open your mouth. That is because parents are strong role models in their kid’s lives. So seeing you do some thing will make it more probable that your kids will need to do it.

This is great news. If you want your kid be certain your underpants are put a stumbling block on a daily basis and that your bed is made also. This makes the behavior you would like to see in your kid seem standard. The bad news? Modeling also applies to behavior which is negative, like cursing. Sometimes of getting your kids to hear you, the hardest part is getting their attention. They are tantrum, in the throes of a sibling dispute or too busy doing their thing listen to what you’d like them to do and to change gears. Surprise them by doing something unexpected, into listening.

Try back pats tickles or even a massage to divert from that tantrum. Get close and whisper even a joke to make them forget their fight. Sing a song to help your children transition from one thing to another. Or bust out some completely insane dance moves you have not done as college to get them to finally look up and notice you personally. Just as much as you personally get sick of giving your children lectures, they get sick of hearing them.

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Remember these when speaking to them

  1. Get down to their level.You are harder to ignore then.
  2. Hold their hands to get and keep their attention.
  3. Ask for their eye contact and do not start speaking until you get it.
  4. Have them repeat back what they said.
  5. Keep your language positive.

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