Keeping the Romance in long distance Relationships

Today, up to 50% of US college students and about 3 million Americans have a long distance connection – but don’t feel bad. Scientific researches show that couples in long space relationships could be equally, or more, satisfied as close couples. Long distance couples are more inclined to share emotions and thoughts, and because of this, experience a sense of intimacy, according to a study of 63 school students. Practice working towards meeting those needs establish the needs of each partner on, and provide opinions about which needs are being unmet, Dargie advised Business Insider in an email. These needs might include agreeing on anything from to they take the time to see each other on how the couple communicates.

Going long distance could be more tricky. A paper published  on  contrasted connection quality between closed couples and long distance couples. The investigators asked the very same questions of 314 females and 111 men who lived near their partner. At the end, there was  no difference in the quality of the connection for both types of couple. Oddly enough, they found that for long space couples, the further apart each spouse was from that the other geographically, that the higher their level of satisfaction, intimacy, and communication was.

This suggests that the most difficult part about long distance relationships isn’t the space itself. According to research, it isn’t necessarily how far apart you’re or how small you see your partners. It’s more about that the discrepancy between your expectations for relationships and that the reality of your current situation. However, the extra distance also makes the simplest things the sweetest, being able to hold the other person’s hand, eating together at the same table, feeling each other’s touch, taking a walk together, smelling each other’s hair… these small wishes could suddenly mean so much more in a long distance relationship.

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