India wastes as much food as is consumed by the United Kingdom, says the CSR journal

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) says “Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes” .

Most of the is food wasted in marriage functions, hotels, canteens and social gatherings . Its not a great news for a country , where still many people sleep with hunger and 3 meal a day is a dream.  A lot of food is also wasted during transportation. At least, one million tonnes of onions are spoiled on before they reach the markets, Similarly,  2.2 million tonne tomatoes doesn’t reach markets . Nearly, 5 million eggs crack or go bad due to lack of cold storage.

Almost 40% of the food produced in INDIA is wasted, and the worth of this wasted food is Rs.50,000 crores per year.  50 % of the Wheat produced is wasted. This value is equal to  2/3rd of the amount needed to feed 600 million poor Indians with subsidized ration under the National Food Security programme.

“Hunger kills more people than AIDS, Malaria, and terrorism combined,” quotes the website of the Robin Hood Army, a non-profit that aims at eliminating hunger by eliminating food waste.


food waste
food waste.

We have to increase awareness on the causes, impact and approaches to reduce food losses,.



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