How to keep food fresh and clean naturally ? Natural ways to store food

How frequently have we brought food and after that disregarded it just to recollect it since it starts to stink? Against this, you can’t do anything, however you can guarantee that your food endures longer and keeps new.


There are numerous things you can do, for example, routinely clean your icebox and consistently check the food in there and furthermore that you keep in the organizers or anyplace else. In any case, its not just about checking them. This can’t counteract anything. All you will be doing is discarding food things before they stink up the whole kitchen. All in all, what would you be able to do to keep the food new?

Simple List of Tips for Ensuring Food is Cleaner and Fresher:

1) Spread a few cloves close by the marble surface of your kitchen, and furthermore spread a few cloves under the sink.


The Cloves keeps ants away.

2) Place some cove leaves inside your sacks of mixture, rice and whatever is left of the packs that creepy crawlies lean toward.


Bay leaves keep creepy crawlies and other such lice far from food items. By putting inlet leaves inside the bundles, we guarantee that creepy crawlies don’t dwell there. In any case, please make sure to change the straight leaves once at regular intervals.

3) Place a large portion of a potato in the icebox.


In the event that there is any sort of awful stench from food or cooked things, the half potato will retain it. To ensure that this works, make sure to trade the potato each three days.

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4) Store eggs with the pointed side down.


Putting away eggs with the pointed side down keeps them crisp for a more drawn out period.

5) Place a couple of 3D shapes of sugar in the jug where you store American cheddar.


When you put a few blocks of sugar with the American cheddar in an impermeable jug, the sugar ingests the dampness and keeps the cheddar from getting terrible.

6) Do not store tomatoes and cucumbers in a similar draw.


Tomatoes give out gasses that reason cucumbers to decay speedier so ensure that you keep these two separated.

7) Do not store apples alongside whatever is left of the products of the soil.


Apples give out certain gasses that reason foods grown from the ground to spoil.

8) Place cuts of apples or crude potatoes in the bread compartment or jug.


By including a couple of cuts of crude potatoes or apples with the bread, you guarantee that the bread stays crisp for longer than common.

9) Store radish in a vessel alongside some water.


You should store radish in a vessel alongside water since water will keep the radish new and fresh for quite a while. For a similar reason, if the radishes have withered, put them in a jug of frosty water. Water will reestablish the radish to its past magnificence.

Here, I have displayed just a couple of the more functional activities you should take after to guarantee that the food you and your family expend stays crisp and great.

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