How did the Young Thai Football Team boys survive for 13 days without food ?

According to their interview, the first day they tried to find the way out as the coach swam into the murky water but he found that the route was blocked by the water. The next day they ran away from water and ended up at 400m from Pattaya Beach. They knew they could not swim out, so they waited for rescue. They did not have snack with them. They had only torches.

As the coach is a former monk, he used to learn how to survive with minimum amount of food and water. He gathered the boys in the same spot and hugged the smallest boy at night time. He told the boys to use torches only when they wanted to drink water (in order to save the battery life). The Team had relied on water dripping from the cave walls for survival.

Some of them also try to dig the cave wall using the small rocks in order to find another way out. They survived only by drinking water, which is quite amazing. The coach seems to know well how to survive in such condition. The boys were also told to meditate to save their energy. The coach did not panic, and the boys relied on him. All of them were quite calm until the rescue operation ended.

Well… these boys and their coach are quite courageous and tough. Very inspiring story of a football team.

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