Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Black Pepper

1. Black Pepper Enhances Bio availability Of Turmeric The problem with turmeric is its low levels of bio availability. Most of the turmeric is ingested in the body, but it gets metabolized before it can get absorbed. The effect of black pepper allows your body to use turmeric.

2. Reduces Pain Piperine, a compound in black pepper, can trigger TRPV1 (transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1) in the body. This helps in reducing pain. Both turmeric and black pepper when combined together can help cure pain

3. Prevents Cancer Piperine and curcumin are dietary polyphenols which have an effect on preventing breast cancer. Turmeric and black pepper prevent the formation of cancerous cells and thus, aid in preventing breast cancer.

4. Controls Obesity Turmeric and black pepper when combined together can help fight high cholesterol levels, obesity and diabetes. Having this combination will lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

5. Manages Diabetes Diabetes can cause a host of other health problems like blood vessel damage. Research has found that compounds in turmeric and pepper help reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes the blood vessels to be damaged.

6. Battles Inflammation Pepper and turmeric can treat inflammatory disorders such as arthritis because both these spices contain anti-inflammatory properties. They can also treat other inflammatory disorders.

7. Aids Weight Loss People who are looking forward to losing weight can have turmeric with pepper. Black pepper will increase the body’s metabolism and elevate the number of calories burned. When combined with turmeric, it will lower bad cholesterol.

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8. Prevents Liver Disease Turmeric has curcumin, which is a potent liver detoxifier. Liver is an important organ that is responsible for filtering the blood and flushing out toxins. Turmeric ensures that there is no waste accumulated in the body.

9. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disease. It is believed that one of the major causes of Alzheimer’s disease is inflammation. Turmeric being rich in anti-inflammatory properties, may help prevent this disease by reducing inflammation in the body.

10. Prevents Gastric Ulcer When turmeric and black pepper is combined together, it could help relieve gastric mucous damage, which is caused by peptic ulcers. Curcumin prevents the growth of certain bacteria that cause peptic ulcers

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