Happy birthday Neil Armstrong . Tonight we will see the moon, we will cheer you .

Neil Armstrong: The First man who landed on the moon. That’s one small step for the man, One giant leap for mankind.

Neil Armstrong : (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) .

I’d play an audio clip from JFK’s speech (“for the eyes of the world now look into space…” Then say something like “we’ve achieved our goal, through the efforts of many, and now there is a mere barrier, between the people of earth, and the depths of the universe. On that fateful day, in 1969, humanity took their first steps, into the universe beyond.

Sometimes we forget he’s dead but that’s alright, we know too that one day we will lose Buzz as well and if no action is taken soon all the humans who have stood on the surface of another world. Maybe in an alternative universe, nearly every human has accomplished that task, maybe some day an entire generation will move away from here.

But that man has made a legacy larger than he might ever know, for of all the people that have existed, in this universe, he was the first and he will always be the first. Certainly his name will transcend the stars on the sheets of paper in hopefully every generations texts, the first man to go beyond Earth.

He’ll be far more appreciated in the generations to come than he is our short sighted generation today.

Neil Armstrong is mentioned at every Eagle Scout Ceremony as an example of who you can be with a little bit of courage and dedication. He will never be forgotten.

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Aeronautical engineering graduate from Purdue, U.S. Navy pilot, Korean War veteran, NASA X-15 test pilot and astronaut, University of Cincinnati engineering professor, first man to walk on the moon, and recipient of the Medal of Freedom and Congressional Space Medal of Honor

 Happy Birthday Neil Armstrong . You will live for ever in our hearts. 

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