Handling Monday Morning Blues – Tips to beat the Monday Blues and Plan your Week Smartly

“OMG Tomorrow is a Monday !”. This thought is a common phenomenon found among people around the globe from the Sunday evening itself.No matter whichever age group you belong or whatever be your profession. This article gives few tips and suggestions on how to tackle “Monday blues” and be more happier, enthusiastic and productive at your workplace.

1. Prepare your Mind.
It all comes from within. So prepare yourself with positive thoughts and plan for the upcoming week. Focus on what to accomplish in the upcoming week and look forward to projects and assignments that need to be completed. Approach Monday with the same happiness as Friday .
2. Enjoy your weekend effectively.
When you leave from work on Friday , leave your office problems there and try to enjoy your off time more effectively. There would be a lot of household chores waiting for you at home .But still try to find some quality time for yourself and indulge in your favourite activities which can give you the boost for the upcoming week.
3. Early to bed, Early to rise.
Sleep deprival can lead to fatigue and loss of interest in work. Try to go to bed a bit early in the Sunday night and wake up 15 or 20 minutes earlier than your usual time on Monday morning. This can make going to office much easier and you can have a healthy breakfast and even go for some short walk. Reaching office on time without hurrying will give enough time to prepare yourself for the week ahead.
4. Look Good, Feel Good.
Wear your favourite or that new outfit you bought recently to work on Monday. The compliments you receive from your co-workers and friends can help building your confidence. If you feel good about yourself half of the battle about the monday blues is done.
5. Find Fun at Work.
Share your weekend stories with your colleagues and have some fun moments. Take that special snacks which you made on the weekend and share with your friends over the lunch break. Plan an event that you will look forward to on Mondays as a way to break up the day with some known positivity. Give yourself a chance to take a deep breath, talk with a friend, and regroup for the rest of the day.

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