Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has won hearts yet again with this announcement

” I’m planning to take 2 months of paternity leave”

Facebook Chief executive officer Mark Zuckerburg has won hearts on the web often times.

From raising his voice in condemning attacks like the latest One in Charlottesville to protest against Trump government’s travel ban on six Muslim majority nations, Zuckerberg has always poured out his heart for matters which matter.

Even in his personal life, when sharing things online, he tries to make a stage. Remember his first Iftar meal with Somalian refugees? Now, Zuckerburg and his wife Priscilla Chan are anticipating their second kid and highlighting how important it’s to spend some time with family. In a candid Facebook post, he said he’d again take a two month paternity leave when his family welcomes the new member.

When Max was born, I took two months of paternity leave. I’ll be grateful I could spend a lot of time with her in the first months of her life. Our new daughter is coming soon, and I’m planning to take two months of paternity leave again, The proud father of his one and a half year old daughter wrote.

Earlier, when his first kid was born, he took a paternity leave for two months and was lauded by many for showing the way and emphasising that dads too play a major part in a kid’s life. Arguing how useful the leave was he added, At Facebook, we provide four months of maternity and paternity leave because researches show that whenever Working parents take the time to be with their infants, it is good for the family.

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The 33 year old father is all set to take his daughters on adventures, and want to explore the bond, between his children. Accompanying the station with a delightful photograph of Max and his dog Beast, it’s going viral with more than 16, 000 shares, in less than twenty four hours, during the time of writing.

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