Early to Bed , Early to Rise..

Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Ben Franklin

Its true . Most of the successful people in the world develop this habit.

some of the benefits

Mornings are more calm and peaceful. Spending time early morning makes you happy and stress free.

You tend to have a good breakfast which is a very healthy habit and keeps you energetic through the day .

When you have more time in the morning before you start the work, you plans things properly and avoid staring your day in hurry. When its a pleasant start , its a good day.

Early Wakers tend to do regular exercise keeping the body and mind fit.

Early to Bed makes people more discipline . No late night parties, No Late night TV , No Boredom . This keeps away depression and loneliness. A good Night Sleep , keeps your brain active and improves problem solving.

A person who rises early in the morning takes wise decisions in his life.

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