Do you have to wash chicken before you cook it? Good or Bad to wash chicken

The United States Department of Agriculture warns against the training with respect to washing poultry or meat before cooking it.

The issue is that when you wash crude chicken, you’re permitting the microscopic organisms that is available on the surface of the poultry to spread to everything else that is close-by — including sink and counter surfaces, kitchen utensils and whatever other nourishments that may be inside splashing scope of the washing water.

What’s more, as the USDA likewise calls attention to, any microbes show on the chicken’s surface will be annihilated in the event that you cook the poultry legitimately and altogether.People are attached to the idea of washing raw poultry, for a variety of reasons. Many think they’re cleaning off germs. Some just want to get slime off, or feel like it’s dirty.

In reality, washing chicken increases the risk that harmful bacteria could spread to the sink and surrounding surfaces through a process called aerosolization. If people eat any food being prepared on those surfaces, they could become sick through the cross-contamination, And there’s simply no need to wash the chicken because cooking it to a proper temperature will kill the bacteria. A safer way to remove slime, if desired, is to wipe gently with a paper towel and then throw the towel away.

Learning that washing is actually a problem is an essential first step. Food safety researchers haven’t really defined a “safe water speed” for rinsing raw poultry. Any time you introduce water or a rinse, you are disturbing the bacteria on the raw poultry and making it likelier that those buggies will fly off your meat and onto some other kitchen surface — or onto you.You need to know what you are dealing with. If you rinse your chicken out of safety concerns, just stop because you are making it less safe. If you are doing it to enhance flavor, that’s fine, but use proper precautions.

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