Do we really need to boost kids immune system ?

The fact that we’re even asking about it, suggests we’ve been reading or hearing about “foods that boost your kid’s immune system” or “drugs that boost your kid’s immune system” and that made you worry: is your kid immune system good enough on its own, or does it need external help? The truth is, all this talk about increasing the activity of the immune system can be very confusing to people.

You do not need to increase your kid’s immune system. The people with the most active immune systems are those with autoimmune diseases and allergies, where their bodies would react to just about anything, from dust to their own proteins. You don’t want that. Most of the time, the effects of an overactive immune system is deletery: inflammation, fibrosis, high fever. When your kid gets sick, his symptoms are usually caused not by the microbial infection itself, but by the immune system reacting to get read of it. You’d want to thank God those reactions are not stronger than this, or else your kid would suffer much more.

So, unless your kid has a disease that actively decreases the body’s immune response, in which case you should be asking the doctors for the right medicine, all you can do is keeping their vaccinations schedule up to date and not feeding them junk food. If he seems to get sick too often, there might just be unlucky genes at fault.

Also: if you want your kids to be healthy, feed them good and varied food that features plenty of plants. Don’t let your kids determine or dumb down your diet, as it will not do them any favors. Eating foods that contain vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins naturally, and eating less sugar, all contribute to the body’s defenses.

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Make sure they get enough sleep (kids need even more than we do).

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