Confessions of a Yelling Mom- Tips and Tricks to Effective Parenting

Why do moms yell and scream at their kids? I think most people scream because they’re frustrated.Moms all around the world have a hard time controlling their stresses with children. They resent their activities and blurt out at kids in their anger. Moms try to not spoil their kids moods, but occasionally circumstances go beyond the control and they’re unable to put up with disobedience and the mischief of their kids. Even the very best of moms might lose her temper on any day. Arousal of anger from you may be because of stress, any issues, because of your illness, or lack of sleep, hunger. These components inhibit you emotionally and you exhibit your inabilities.

Move away from the scene when  you feel your anger alarmingly. Exercise counting and some deep breathing exercises to bring your tempers down. Return to your ideas and listen to what you said on your anger. You won’t want to set an instance of a mom. Practice the way you’d react if your kids misbehave. You feel angry if kids don’t live and perform to your expectations. Occasionally hurt emotions also are the main cause of your anger. Set aside some time for yourself everyday or at least once in a week.

Leave your children with someone else or your husband and indulge on your own. This could act as a big relief and you may come back fully refreshed and energetic.A nice ritual for parents is to review the day and ask themselves how they can do it differently next time. It creates emotional muscle memory. Think about the interaction with your child, and imagine yourself handling it more calmly next time. Now, place these all and see the results. Yelling or punishing your kid won’t make things better.

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