Blue Whale Challenge , A dangerous social media phenomenon killing young people.

Blue Whale Challenge is believed to be a game wherein a group of administrators or curators give the participant(s) a task to be completed daily, usually from a social media network, and for a period of 50 days. On the final day the participants are coerced to commit suicide.

A renowned example is that of the originator of the game Philip Budeikin, who committed suicide in 2015 in Russia.

Two days back, thats on Saturday Manpreet Sahans, a 14 year old boy from Mumbai, India committees suicide jumping from 7th floor building terrace . This suicide is influenced by Blue Whale Challenge, and first of its kind reported in India. He went on the terrace and sat on it for half an hour speaking to his friends on social media about his suicide, but no one believed him. He searched for ways to jump the terrace on internet for 2 days.

The participants are assigned horrific tasks such as harming themselves, watching horror movies, sleep deprivation in an extreme manner, on the 50th day the participant is asked to commit suicide.

This game obviously affected the youths in every possible ways. To begin with, most of the youth are always on their internet and as these groups are mainly based online, it encourages youths to commit suicide if they see no need to continue living any longer. They are disconnected from their friends, family and loved ones and end up being brainwashed.

The game is not utterly ascribed the chief cause of these suicides as some of the victims may have contemplated suicidal thoughts even before the game, but the game clearly triggers these suicides. The most vulnerable are the adolescents, emotionally and socially unstable youths.

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This game affects the victim terribly, most of them drop out of school, those with employments end up losing their jobs, they go into drug and alcohol abuse, they feel so worthless and this lead them to violent crimes and consequently convictions and incarcerations. The negative effects of these so call network and their groups cost families their loved ones and lots of resources especially financially.

Some Governments have enacted measures to curb these groups, for example Russian laws allow governments to shut down websites instigating suicides.

A major way to curb this threat is to address emotional depressions amongst youths; they should consult professionals to help out with these depression issues. Likewise, they ought to be extremely attentive and ought not waver to report these gatherings to authorities.

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