Benefits of Fermented Vegetables ProBiotic Food & Preparation of Pickled Carrot.

Fermented Vegetables are an excellent pro biotic rich Foods. These are good substitutes for dairy based probiotic supplements. This help balance the production of stomach acid. Fermented foods have the unique ability to ease digestive discomfort related to having either too much or too little stomach acid. When the production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach is low, fermented foods help increase the acidity of gastric juices. At the same time, when the stomach produces too much acid, fermented foods help protect the stomach and intestinal lining. This improves Immune System and Good Gut Bacteria .

Restoring Intestinal Lining Heals the gut and prevents gut leakage which is one of the main reasons of toxin release into the blood and causing chronic deceases such as psoriasis , acne etc..

Eating Fermented Vegetables improving pancreatic function, which is of great benefit to diabetics, the carbohydrates in lactic acid–fermented foods have been broken down or “pre-digested.” As a result, they do not place an extra burden on the pancreas, unlike ordinary carbohydrates.

Pickled Carrot(Fermented Carrots)

garlic pods-4
sea salt-1 tbsp
boiled and cooled water-1 cup


Take a clean jar for making the pickle.
Cut the carrots lengthwise as per the height of the container.

Add all the ingredients and mix well.
Add water just above the level of the carrot pieces.
Mix everything well .
Store in a place where light is less.
After 2 days you can open it and use.
If you are making bigger quantities , after 2 days of fermentation you can store the bottle in

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You can make the same process with Beetroot, Cabbage , Cucumber like Vegetables.

The probiotic generated during the fermentation process is very good for your gut health and digestive system.

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