Are your Kids Having a Good Day Start ? Quick bytes for Healthy Breakfast .

Why your kid  Need Healthy Breakfast and What you can do about it. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for anyone and in particular for growing children. As a parent you need little preparation to make it a habit and enjoyable ..Many schools provide breakfasts, but are they good enough ? Is it  high in nutritional values. As Breakfast is the 1st and most important meal of the day , Childhood is most import part of life for physical and mental development . Parents must never compromise and need to learn about nutritious breakfast.

1. Speak to your child about the importance of breakfast. Encourage them to learn about nutritions and figure out some of the nutritious  food he like .

2. Plan and Prepare everything possible, the evening before  .

3. Include Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Cereals  and Whole Grains in the breakfast which are very nutritious and also easy to prepare.

4. Grilled sandwiches , peanut butter, muffins , tacos with salsa , yogurt with fruits and nuts, Backed beans and chicken sausages are few example you can add in breakfast.

4. Discourage electronic gadgets and TV in the morning.

5. If you kid is not hungry offer him fruits like orange , banana , dry fruits like dates, fig  , milk.

6. Don’t be repetitive . Prepare variety of breakfasts through out the weak.

If not everyday , at least make yourself free to have breakfast with kids on the table on weekends . Have a good discussion  and spend as much time as possible on the table.  Children follow Adults . He will quickly learn to enjoy breakfast seeing you.

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