Amazing Psychological Facts you must know

Some amazing Psychological facts everyone must know :

  • People who laugh even on silly jokes are the most depressed persons.
  • You start to hum the music after hearing even if you didn’t intend to listen.
  • The best person in your life is the person who comes into your mind after reading this.
  • Most people tend to shake their legs or feel like falling while sleeping because of their dreams.
  • Most people choose INDEX finger whenever you ask them to choose one.
  • If a person is biting his/her nails, it means they are thinking about something important.
  • People forget to notice things when they are tensed even if it is in front of them.
  • The people who prefer window seats in every transport like to be alone during the travel.
  • People who write a lot of poems never have had a chance to express their feelings to that person.
  • Many people are afraid to be more happy since they have a fear that something bad will happen
  • People who play video games often are much more likely to have lucid dreams than non-gamers.** They were also better able to influence their dream worlds, as if controlling a video-game character.
  • 90% of people text the things they cannot say in person.
  • People between 17 to 34 are most stressed .
  • Spending money on experiences given more happiness than possessions . Travel more.
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