Alien PickupLines – What Is It? Is it Funny ?

5 Word Alien Pick Up lines are trending in twitter. Anyone can write a pickup line , but what special about alien pick up lines. You must frame pick up lines playing around with words related to space, alien etc…

Here are Some funny alien pickup lines.

1. Yours Out of this World.

2. Set a course for intercourse

3. I’m Here to Explore Uranus.

4. Take me to your breeder

5. Iam entering your black hole

6. I want to destroy Uranus.

7. Whats your stand on wormholing.

8. Your Space or Mine.

9. Did it hurt you when you fell from venus.

10. You’ve heard of Area 51. I’m going to show you Area 69

11. I cannot spell UFO without U.

12. I want to probe you deep.

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