9 all time best war based movies you have to see

Nine, all time best war based movies you have to see, please feel free to add your best war based movie in the comment section .

1. Schindler’s List : Incredible true story about a German businessman, Oskar Schindler, who saved 1,100 Jews from most certain death during the Holocaust. One of Spielberg’s finest movies, it has won 7 academy awards.

2. Saving Private Ryan : Another one of Steven Spielberg’s, starring Tom Hanks, who is a part of 8 men team to save Private James Ryan and bring him home. Steven Spielberg won the academy award for best director for this film.

3. The Pianist : Starring Adrien Brody, this is another classic from Holocaust directed by Roman Polanski. This is a true story of one man, Wladyslaw Szpilman, a pianist, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust. Adrien Brody and Roman Polanski won the Oscars for best actor in leading role and best director in 2003 for this film

4. The Hurt Locker : Dirceted by Kathryn Bigleow, this movie is based on a Segreant who is recently assigned in Iraq war to an army bomb squad. Jermey Renner won the best actor for this film.

5. Bridge on River Kwai : The best classic war movie from Sam Spiegl, the film is about British prisoners of war during World War II who are ordered to build a bridge to accommodate the Burma-Siam railway. Another Oscar winning for the best director, while filming David Lean nearly drowned when he was swept away by a river current. Geoffrey Horne saved his life.

6. Hacksaw Ridge : This film is true story about Desmond Doss who won Medal of Honor for his bravery and regard for his fellow soilders. It is story of one the greatest solider in the history of the United States Army history who never shot a bullet.

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7. Das Boot : This film is a story about a German submarine which is engaged with a heavy battle in Atlantic Ocean to destroy British shipping. It is story of the crew of this submarine. This film shows the joy of the marines when on docks, the tension when the enemy is around, the terror when they are hunted and the boredom during patrols.

8. Inglorious Bastards : Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this movie is a must watch. This movie is about a plan to assasinate high level Nazi leaders in Nazi occupied France lead by a group of US soldiers.

9. Anthropoid : Not being a popular film, this movie is one of the good war film made. It is an extraordinary true story about Operation Anthropoid to assasinate a Nazi General named Reinhard Heydrich who is Reich’s third in command after Himmler and Hitler and the main architect of the Final Solution.

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