5 Ways to use your Fidget Spinner in a Creative Manner-Tricks for Educational use of spinners at home

Fidget spinners are the hottest toy in the market now.Oh..that crazy spinning every time! Are you annoyed by this ? Well there’s some good news for you then.There are actually many ways which kids can use them in an educational way too.

Well, kids everywhere seem to adore them, and while many think they are very distractive, I do agree that they are fun little contraptions.  So what can a kid do with a fidget spinner besides drive people crazy with it?

1.Fidget Spinner Timer

If you want to challenge your kids to write their spelling words or multiplication then  get that fidget spinner going and see how many flash cards or problems you can work through! You could do it with addition, subtraction… whatever your child is working on! You could write sentences, think of rhyming words… really anything. Challenge your kids to beat the spinner with whatever skill they’re practicing.

2. Fidget Spinner Stem Challenge

This is for kids who are in higher grades.Discover the science of fidget spinners with this engaging STEM Challenge. Practice scientific method with an exploration of variables, data collection, graphing, mean/average, and more…all while having fun!An activity sheet will be given to each group of kids which contains visual directions, graphic organizers, charts, and activities to determine the average length of a spin of their spinner. They will compare this to the class data to see which design styles and technique yield the longest spin time. Students will use this information to design the ideal fidget spinning!Thus they will learn the science behind the spin with a handy mini anchor chart.This activity needs at least 5 spinners so students can work in small groups and share the spinner.

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3. Fidget Spinner Spinner


Oh the possibilities are endless with this one!! This chart has 6 sections. You can fill them in with whatever you want!! Want to do a project on probability? Color in different sections, write down your results and make a chart!  Fill in spelling words and give it a spin to decide what one to write 3 times. Put in physical activities like 10 jumping jacks, run in place for 30 seconds and use it as a super fun phys ed activity! Use it to practice math problems, or fill it with writing prompts… there are so many possibilities! Just fill in your blank spinner with whatever you want, tape a small  triangle on your spinner and it becomes an awesome tool.

4. Calculation and Analysis

We can tell the kids to calculate which surfaces (floor, blacktop, wood, desk, metal surface, etc.) support spinning. Which surface made the spinner spin faster? Explain your thinking. Does the spinner spin longer on a surface or in your hand? Explain your thinking. On one finger or between your fingers?  Which kinds of spinners spin the fastest? And the slowest? Ask them to compare the results.

5. Spinner Fitness

Spin your spinner, then run in place until it stops.  What else can you do?  Try push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc.  Being active is more fun when it’s a fidget spinner challenge!  How many push-ups can you do before the spinner stops?


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