5 Permanent Cures To Treat Hair Loss . Hair Fall is something that is not restricted to a few any more.

Everyone loves lustrous, black and thick hair!! Right? But unfortunately for many, it is just a dream. That said, it doesn’t mean that this dream cannot be achieved.
Hair fall and hair loss is something that is not restricted to a few any more. These are common issues that are being faced by people of all age groups. Therefore, whenever you observe excessive hair loss, you should start taking the necessary steps to prevent it further. So how can we actually work on a permanent solution to hair loss?

Well, natural cures and remedies might give you some relief from the problem but is definitely not a permanent solution for extreme cases. So who will come to the rescue in this crisis?

According to researchers, the advanced technology has brought in various methods that arel a make for effective permanent hair loss treatments.This guide below will give you the top 5 that you can pick from. Check them-out:

1. Hair Restoration Procedure:

It is the process by which hair re-growth occurs on the scalp and the best part is that there is no linear scarring on the head. The area is made numb by using alocal anesthesia and the hair follicles that are left in the scalp are first removed from the scalp. This is done at the back of the head solely because the follicles here exist for a lifetime. A motorized extracting machine is used for the purpose. There is no pain in this step.

2. Medications for Permanent Hair Loss:

One of the ways in which you can trigger permanent hair growth and cure hair loss is to adhere to medications prescribes by the professionals. In this situation,the dose should be followed till the time it is recommended as per the sensitivity of your case. Some of the known medicines in this regard includeRogaine and Propecia. It treats all kind of pattern baldness and is approved by the FDA.

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On one hand where Romaine is a topical medicine and needs to be applied as a lotion on the scalp, Propecia is a pill that needs to be consumed daily for visible outcomes.

3. Scalp Reduction Process:

Another famous process used as a permanent solution for hair loss, scalp reduction is a surgical method that removes the bald scalp as well as stretches the scalp that has hair towards the bald scalp. This is one idea which is needs to be done by professional surgeons and also requires a proper budget as well. However, it is one of the permanent solutions to your crisis.

4. Micro Grafting:

A hair grafting process also known as hair transplantation is the micro grafting process. About 1-2 hairs per graft are transplanted in this method within the surgeon’s clinic. It is definitely a surgical method and quite complex as compared to the other mentioned here. Local anaesthesia is given to the patient and then sedation after the process for their comfort and to ease the pain.

5. Slit Grafting:

In this permanent solution for hair loss, the surgery includes methods where hair follicles are transplanted on the scalp in a way that each of the graft has about 30 to 40 hairs. This is suggested for people who either have an extreme case of hair loss or else there is less number of active hair follicles on their scalp. It is a permanent solution and one that calls for an expensive surgery. Local anaesthesia is given in this situation as well.



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