40 Things to do for Children this Summer Holidays

Fun , Educative and Personality Development Activities for Kids to do In this summer vacations. Keep yourself busy kids and make this vacation a sweet childhood memory …

1. Go to a Movie with your cousins and siblings.

2. Make a Pizza and share with Family

3. Decorate your room

4. Take your bike and go out for a long ride

5. Go camping with friends

6. Buy a Kitty Pool and Jump in it.

7. Sow some vegetable and flower Plants in your backyard garden and  Watch them growing.

8. Listen to your Moms childhood favorite song with her. It will be fun!

9.  Go to a beach and Play with sand.

10. Help your dad cleaning car.

11. Go for Window shopping with your friends.

12. Visit some Country Side Place and Explore the Local Markets.

13. Learn some new board games.

14. Try Photography and Make a Summer Album.

15. Late Night Story Telling with Siblings and Cousins .

16. Solve some puzzles . Play Sudoko and Crosswords.

17. Illustrate Your Own Comic characters,

18, Collect all the Unused things in the house and try to make something out of them.

19. Walk a Dog.

20. Learn and Practice a new Outdoor game ( Football, Tennis, Baseball etc)

21. Have a Karaoke Party with Friends

22. DIY Craft works.

23. Go for a Early Morning Nature walk.

24. Make and Fly a Kite

25. Go to Amusement / Theme Park

26. Go for a Midday Boating

27. Bake a Cake.

28. Try Skateboarding and Wave boarding.

29. Community Participation. Volunteer Cleaning up the street, Painting, Cutting Plants etc..

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30. Play with Water Guns with your friends and family.

31. Buy a Magic Trick Book and Learn .

32. Buy a New Video Game.

33. Bird Feeding . Throw some grains and keep water bowl and invite birds.

34. Bubble wash your Pet

35. Buy a White T shirt and paint your Own design.

36. Visit a Library and donate your old books.

37. Visit Natural Parks and Zoo.

38. Go for Fishing at near by pond/lake.

39. Have a moonlight dinner and play Dumb Charades

40. Make Funny Masks.

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