20 rules you must follow while feeding your baby. Tips for the Bottle Fed


1. Never play with a baby during or right after a meal.
2. Lay the baby on his side when nursing the bottle.
3. Three full hours should intervene between feedings.
4. Don’t give the food too hot—it should just be warm.
5. Make the test for warmth on the inner side of your arm.
6. Give a drink of water between each meal if awake.
7. Never save the left-overs for baby.
8. If possible, give three feedings each day in the cool air, with baby comfortably warm.
9. Do not jump, bounce, pat, or rock baby during or after meals.
10. Never coax baby to take more than he wants, or needs.
11. No solid foods are given the first year.
12. Orange juice may be given at six months; while, after four months, unsweetened prune juice is better than medicine for the bowels.
13. Keep your self clean before feeding the baby. Wash your hands with anti germ soap.
14. Water must be heated to 160F if you are using infant formula. this kills the bacteria in the water.
15. Sterilize the bottle and nipples of the bottle before filling the milk.
16. Don’t leave the baby alone to feed herself .
17. See that bottle Nipples are always full with infant formula to avoid any air suction. Once feeding is done remove the bottle.
18. Always keep the bottle closed with cap when its not used.
19. Prepare the infant formula just before feeding. It must be used with in 2 hours of mixing.
20. Give Small Breaks while you feed. Give her time to burp if needed.

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Just when you think you know LOVE, something LITTLE comes along to remind you just how BIG it REALLY IS.

Enjoy Parenting.

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